06 января 2018

 Первая в 2018 году большая поставка СD & LP: новые релизы VOMITO NEGRO, EISFABRIK, SEADRAKE, ZYNIC, FADERHEAD, SUFFOCATING MINDS, NULL+VOID и многое другое. 

Am Tierpark - Trashy Luxury (2CD, Album Ltd, Num) (Læbel) 930
Apoptygma Berzerk - Exit Popularity Contest (CD, Album) (Mrs. Green Records) 
Astma  - 600 Pounds Of Body (2CD, Album) (Electro Aggression Records) 1550
Combat Company - Below The Line (CD, Comp, Ltd) (Brandsatz Records) 1020
Damage Control - Ultranoia (CD, Album) (Rarefraction Records) 980
Eisfabrik - Null Kelvin (CD, Album) (Nocut) 1150
Encephalon - We Only Love You When You're Dead (2CD, Album, Dig) (Artoffact Records) 1080
Faderhead - Night Physics (CD, Album) (Not A Robot Records)  1100
Front 242 - Mixed By Fear (CD, EP) (Red Rhino Europe) 850
Front 242 - Official Version (CD, Album) (Red Rhino Europe) 850
Haujobb - Freeze Frame Reality (2xLP, Album, Ltd) (Artoffact Records) 2150
Haujobb - Blendwerk (2xLP, Album) (Artoffact Records) 1920
Haujobb - Solutions For A Small Planet (2xLP, Ltd) (Artoffact Records) 2150
Implant - Oxynoxe-X (CD, Album) (Alfa Matrix) 890
INTENT:OUTTAKE - Neustart (CD, EP, Ltd) (Sonic-X) 720
INTENT:OUTTAKE - Schmerzmaschine (CD, Album) (Sonic-X) 1020
Italove - The Album (CD, Album) (Analog Language) 1050
Jens Bader - Brainwash (CD, Album) (Self-released) 1100
Legend  - Fearless (CD, Album) (Artoffact Records) 990
Leæther Strip - Retention No 1 (2CD, Album, Ltd) (Alfa Matrix) 1050
Leæther Strip - Retention No 2 (2CD, Album, Box, Ltd) (Alfa Matrix) 1050
Leæther Strip - Retention No 3 (2CD, Album, Ltd) (Alfa Matrix) 1050
Lord Of The Lost - Swan Songs II (CD, Album, Dig) (Napalm Records) 1080
Massive Ego - Noise In The Machine (CD, EP) (Out Of Line) 800
Melotron - Werkschau (2xCD, Comp, Dlx) (Out Of Line) 880
Mind.In.A.Box - Broken Legacies (CD, Album) (THYX Records) 1050
Nachtmahr  - Unbeugsam (2xCD, Comp) (Trisol) 1380
Null + Void - Cryosleep (CD, Album) (Hfn Music) 1150
Off - Organisation For Fun (2xCD, Album, Dlx, RE) (ZYX Music) 1350
Parralox - Electric Nights (CD, EP, Ltd) (Conzoom Records) 800
Porn - The Ogre Inside (CD, Album, dig) (Les Disques Rubicon, Echozone) 1080
Root4 - Walk My Way (CD) 900
SEADRAKE - On The Run (Extended) (CDr, Single, Ltd, Num) (Megahype Records) 690
SEADRAKE - Something Durable (CDr, EP, Num) (Megahype Records) 690
Serpents - State Of War (2xCD, Album) (Electro Aggression Records) 1550
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Timeless, Indestructible, Resistant To Therapy(2CD) (CD, Comp) (DSBP) 1320
Suffocating Minds - Second Life (CD, Album) (Self-released) 820
SynthAttack - Harsh Is Back (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) (darkTunes Music Group) 1150
Synthesis  - Satellite (CD, Album) (Space Sound Records) 980
System  - Self Organising System (CD, Album) (Progress Productions) 780
Tech Nomader - Domótica (CD, Album, Ltd) (EK Product) 990
Tension Control - Im Rhythmus Der Maschinen (CD, Album) (Brandsatz Records) (7Music) 890
The Crüxshadows - Astromythology (CD, Album) (Timezone) 1150
The Dark Unspoken - Live Electronic Rage (CD, Album) (D-Rat. Rec, Echozone) 1020
The Frozen Autumn - Chirality (CD, Album) (Calembour Records) 890
VNV Nation - Empires (LP, Album) (Anachron Sounds) 1800
Vomito Negro - Black Plague (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) (Scanner) 1050
Zoon Politicon - New Conscience (CDr, Single, Ltd, Promo) (Conzoom Records) 780
Zynic - Neon Oblivion (CD, Album) (Zedsdead Records) 990
Zynic - Neon:EP (CD, EP) (Zedsdead Records) 750

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